Who's ReENTRY for?

Those who've just REBOOTed their systems, are feeling amazing, and want guidance on how to eat back in the "real world."

If you haven't REBOOTed recently, it's a great way to learn how to be more mindful in eating and lifestyle habits.

What am I eating?

While on ReENTRY, you're eating a real world, normal diet — not kitchari! Though we think you'll find you're making healthier choices while on the 3 day program!

What's included in ReENTRY?

ReENTRY is 3 days of digital coaching with our Co-Founder and gut expert Mara.

Those doing ReENTRY will get daily routine suggestions, eating guidelines, nutrition tips (like sustaining weight loss), how to order at restaurants, portion control, alcohol tips and more!