Gut Better

Your gut is your powerhouse. Your digestion, the engine.

Harness your digestive power to fuel your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. Discover how nurturing your gut health can immediately transform your appearance, energy, brain, and immunity for ultimate whole body health and radiance. 

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Every season brings a new set of physical and mental challenges to the body. To help the body adapt and to spice things up (no pun intended!), programs like REBOOT are updated quarterly. Each one is better than the next. No taste burnout here!

What Clients Say:

"Shocked That I'm Not Hungry"

Shocked that I am not hungry.  I have never eaten until no longer hungry - usually eat until full/stuffed and eat fast.  I feel like I am listening more to my body.

- Ali, Summer '23

"I’ve lost and kept off 15lbs"

REBOOT totally helped kick start things for me! I’ve lost and kept off 15+ pounds and feel soooo much more in-tune with when I’m hungry / full than ever! 🙌❤️

- Dana, Summer '23

"I'll definitely be doing it again"

Thank you so much for leading us Mara! I enjoyed the cleanse, although it was definitely difficult. It was as much a mental cleanse for me - nearly meditative actually. I’ll definitely be doing it again

- Andy, Fall '23

"It's Been wonderful"

It's been wonderful. I've dropped ~4 pounds and I’m feeling great. I'm already looking forward to doing this cleanse again with you in a few months.

- Claudia, Spring '23


I feel so good now after REBOOT! Not as hungry, no bloating, not craving caffeine or sugar, etc. As of today I’ve lost about 4 pounds which is pretty much what I’ve been trying to lose since COVID.

- Kari, Fall '23

"I have so much energy"

I am feeling awesome! I feel that each REBOOT I have been able to do better and process more information. Right now, I have so much energy I don't want the feeling to go away! I loved having so much information in the way presented.

- Sapna, Fall '23