Get Personal!

We’re thrilled to offer personalized sessions with our Co-Founder and Ayurvedic Gut & Digestion Counselor, Mara Feil, and our Medical Advisor Dr. Dannette Kallay. Together, we can explore: diet and nutrition guidance; REBOOT results and advice; herbs and supplements; clean living and holistic lifestyle recommendations; food shopping, recipes, and cooking; healthier choices and resources for your children and family; and so much more. 

We utilize functional gut health testing to examine the presence of food sensitivities, viral or bacterial pathogens, nutrient status, and/or gut dysbiosis.

Not sure what you need? The Gut Center offers a complimentary introductory call so you can familiarize yourself with our services and see if they fit your needs.

Roundtable Sessions

Are you a 1-on-1 client looking to take your health to a higher level? Integrate functional gut testing via blood, urine, saliva, and/or stool samples to assess your food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, bacterial or yeast pathogens, gut dysbiosis patterns, and more.

Together, Mara and Dannette will collaborate on your case in a "think tank" style, utilizing your lab results to develop your optimized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle protocol. The number of Roundtable Sessions needed varies by case.

Mara explores body imbalances related to food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and pathogen presence, crafting tailored nutritional plans and clean cooking suggestions for home and family, along with herbal supplements, and personalized REBOOT advice where relevant.

Dannette reviews all labs, offering guidance on therapies, supplements, and, if necessary, medications to optimize health and vitality and address any gaps. Our Roundtable discussions facilitate collaboration on progress, therapies, and goals between patients and providers.

Herbal and supplement recommendations are conveniently channeled through our Fullscript Dispensary, leveraging our provider discount to provide you with savings of 10-20% on every Fullscript order. Your data is securely stored on a telemedicine platform.

Mara and The Gut Center revolutionized my life. Imagine for the past 40 years of your life only going to the bathroom once every 12 days to going daily! Think about that for a minute. Despite consulting top gastroenterologists and considering surgery, weekly colonics for the past 7 years were my only solve. For anyone that has done colonics, you know how costly they are.

After trying numerous gut cleanses, a friend had introduced me to Mara and The Gut Center. Skeptical at first, I decided to try the cleanse and meet with Mara one on one. Mara was empathetic, knowledgeable and determined to fix my gut issues. To say she's a miracle worker is an understatement. Through cleanses, supplements and food testing sensitivities, she immediately surpassed my expectations and had me going regularly.

If my story resonates with you, then I would highly recommend seeing Mara at the Gut Center. Thank you Mara for saving me from surgery and overall better health.

- Heather

"Life Changing"

I’ve been working with Mara separately for the past month to bring dow the inflammation/tons of pain in my body from an autoimmune disorder. It’s been life changing. I highly recommend working with her separately, she can customize a plan specifically for you and this week has taken it to a whole other level- lighter, clear header, nearly zero pain. Thank you Mara , you’re a healing goddess. Also should mention Mara and I have been friends since elementary school, so I’m a very proud friend too🥰

- Jaime

"You opened my eyes SO much"

Thank you Mara! You opened my eyes to SO much! It’s so easy to fall into a routine of eating unhealthy and this reset was really amazing. I can’t wait to learn more! You’re incredible!

- Stephanie

"I feel like a different person"

Thank you so much Mara for all your advice, support and leadership.  🥰😘 I feel like a different person in regards to my relationship with food already.

- Ali

More Services

Group Classes

Tap into your competitive nature and see how healthy is easy with a buddy, best friend or spouse.

Company Wellness

Treat your staff to healthy habits. Sessions can be designed for any size group.

Menu Support

We'll review menu options to enable easier and healthier decision making when dining out.

Pantry Overhaul

Organization, clean out and restock to promote stress-free, healthy cooking and entertaining.

Guided Groceries

Relearn how to shop, finding healthy and delicious options that "crowd out" unhealthy choices.

For Brides

An ultra targeted program to drop those extra 5-10 and improve your skins glow.

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