Complimentary Consult

Get to know Mara, her approach, expertise, and how she can support you on your journey. Your consultation is confidential, and you'll leave with valuable information to kickstart your gut health journey.


We'll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current lifestyle, dietary habits, and health goals to create a personalized plan that meets with your unique needs.

Customized Action Plan

You'll get a step-by-step action plan crafted specifically for you. From dietary recommendations to lifestyle adjustments, gut guru Mara will provide practical and sustainable strategies to support your gut health journey.

Continuous Support

Your journey doesn't end with each session!

Enjoy ongoing support and encouragement. The Gut Center will be there to answer questions, provide motivation, and celebrate your successes.

Holistic Approach

We really believe in a holistic, integrated approach to gut health. Our coaching sessions go beyond dietary advice. We address the interconnected factors influencing gut health, including stress, sleep, and overall well-being.

Do you use gut tests?

We are big supporters of functional health testing to help heal your root cause and health issues, including food sensitivity, candida, and advanced gut, hormonal, mental, and DNA Genomics testing. Results drive your supplement and herbal recommendations, as well as the foods needed to rebalance your body. All recommendations are sent through Fullscript Dispensary and we pass along our provider discount to save you 10-20% on every Fullscript order.