Client Reviews

"it’s been life changing"

"I’m a client of Mara’s for about 6 months now and it’s been life changing. First two days of REBOOT are really tough but stick with it and by day 3 you will feel amazing."

Shelley, Fall '23

"This has been the best experience ever! "

Thank you for being the perfect coach! This is truly one of the best things I have ever done for my body and soul. And I lost 15 lbs  😅 ❤️"

Marthe, Fall '23

"I Loved It"

"I now have something that I call “Mara’s voice!” reminding me of a few things and making me think harder about some choices! The daily digests and course materials are so easy to follow. I liked that I could go back and refer to a particular lesson again. I loved it."

Fabiana, Fall '23

"So Impressed"

"I’m feeling great. I’m drinking my hot water with minerals every morning instead of coffee, much more aware of what I’m eating and when. More importantly, your knowledge, passion and presentation is off the charts. My wife and I were both so impressed"

Bob & Shelley, Spring '23

"Thank you!"

"Thank you Mara and Katie for all your wisdom and guidance. This was my second REBOOT and this time around felt a lot easier than the first. I truly believe it’s because I incorporated what I learned from the first cleanse on a daily basis. Proud of everyone this week!!!!"

Melissa, Spring '23

"A thoughtful and healthy way to reset"

"I was so glad to do the cleanse. It always feels like a thoughtful and healthy way to reset and tune back into more thoughtful eating."

Gina, Fall '23

"I’m still amazed that only 7 days could make you feel so good."

"I wanted to thank Mara for guiding us, pushing us and inspiring us to be healthier. This is my second cleanse, and I’m still amazed that only 7 days could make you feel this good (so good that my husband saw the results and joined this time). I continued working with Mara one on one to resolve my digestive issues and WOW. I’m so happy with the improvements. I must say the cleanse gets easier the second time as you already know the rules. Looking forward to many more cleanses."

- Marcela, Winter '23

"This has been a fantastic experience."

"This has been a fantastic experience for both of us. Our minds are clear, we are calm, we have no up-and-down mood swings, a great night’s sleep, and we feel well-rested. We want to feel like this every day."

- Kirsten & Steve, Winter '23


"This experience has been transformative. I didn’t realize how addicted to coffee and Advil I was.  My skin feels amazing. Down 7 lbs and can fit into clothes pre-pregnancy. I’m in for the January cleanse! ❤️❤️"

- Miral, Fall '23

"I learned so much about myself and the strength we have to adapt and change."

"Thank you for this amazing journey. I learned so much about my relationship with foods and how they make my body heal. But most importantly I learned so much about myself and the strength we have to adapt and change. 🥰"

- Ana Lia, Winter '23

"Truly Enlightening"

"Truly enlightening. It really made me dig deep to find that willpower which got me through the seven days! 6lbs down too which is an added bonus on top of feeling great!"

Mel, Winter '23

"Down 5lbs"

“I’m down 5 lbs of bloat and still going strong.  I’m sleeping like a baby and waking up feeling energized. I feel like this was a very necessary reset and back on track."

Sam, Winter '23

"It has truly helped me"

"Thank you so much for the cleanse! I really loved the experience and it has truly helped me reset. I saw some major improvements - being able to get up without snoozing for an hour, not shedding tons of hair, and having more energy."

Meghan, Winter '23

"Eye Opening"

"I had no idea how much impact this cleanse would have on me. Having to be so incredibly precise about what I put in my body allowed for mindfulness not just about food & bev, but also about how I consume in general (social media, online shopping, emails, texting). Once there I couldn't help but notice the way I was consuming all of these things to avoid negative feelings. Very eye opening. Big thanks. Serious learning for me."

- Lauren, Fall '23

"I don’t really have any cravings anymore"

"I also realized I don’t really have any cravings at all anymore… I thought I would’ve been excited about being able to eat other food! I honestly wouldn’t mind continuing to eat kitchari for lunch 😂"

Jason, Winter '23

"I can't believe how transformative it's been"

I can't believe how transformative it's been for my life, taking a risk and signing up for the Fall cleanse. I wanted to be healthier & lose weight and I’ve been able to do both (and keep it off). It amazes me how such small changes (like, LYTEning Drops in water) can make such a big difference! You’re the best, thank you!!!

-Lindsey, Fall '23

"5 lbs down and feeling Great"

"Really felt amazing this time around, my third time. I’m so happy to be back to foods I really enjoy and am enjoying them with more mindfulness. I’m 5 lbs down and really feeling great, had a lot of energy during the cleanse and hope to keep that up. Thanks Mara & Katie!"

- Ashley, Winter '23

"Excited to be back"

"2nd time joining Team Kitchari, we’re excited to be back and look forward to cleansing with everyone. It’s just as delicious and soothing as I remember! - I think my body has been craving this since the last one."

- Josh, Winter '22

"Helped Tremendously"

"I must say that I was a bit apprehensive at first. Those first 3 days were tough, but we persevered largely thanks to your blog and the fact that many of the other REBOOTers were experiencing the same issues, which was a life saver. It helped tremendously that we were doing this together."

- Rita, Winter '23


"I recently had foot surgery and while doing PT it’s been painful, stiff and hard to walk on. During REBOOT, the inflammation and pain is halved, I have more flexibility and less stiffness. I truly believe REBOOT did the trick!"

Melissa, Winter '23

"Delicious and So Satisfying"

"REBOOT is structured so well. The app is so user friendly and instructions are so clear. And the bit of humor so appreciated!!! My morning kitchari was delicious and so satisfying."

Dannette, Fall '23

"Such clarity and inner calm"

"I lost 6.8 lbs and I feel amazing - such clarity and inner calm. I NEEDED this - thank you Mara and this community! I can’t wait to do it again (and again and again) 💕"

Carla, Fall '23

"My metabolism totally sky rocketed"

Amanda, Fall '23

"Thank You Again"

“I don’t know that I’ve ever left a meal feeling as light as I do each time now which keeps me going. Thank you again.”

Jamie, Fall '23