Our Message To You

Our Message To You
Welcome to The Gut Center!

Our gut is the epicenter of our body and our digestion is the engine. Our gut is where food is transformed into energy or deposited for disposal. It’s where what we eat becomes our blood, nourishing our organs and comprising our immune system. It’s where our physical, mental, spiritual, & sexual health and happiness begins and ends. Our guts control EVERYTHING we do, think, and feel. It should be obvious then that imbalances in the gut have whole-body consequences.

The Gut Center positions its clients for sustainable, long-term gut health by fixing the body at its core. We’ve combined community and connection with a robust digital health platform of prescriptive advice, written & video guidance, and an all-inclusive box of cleansing essentials. 1-1 nutrition & health coaching and functional gut & food sensitivity testing takes your gut health to the next level. 

Why is our REBOOT the anti-cleanse?  Because it’s everything other cleanses are not. It’s joyful, doable, and delicious. It leaves you feeling vibrant and energized. You positively glow during and after. And you’ll want it again and again.

We’re thrilled that you're joining or exploring The Gut Center’s platform. 
Please join one of our REBOOTs to see what the buzz is about.  You will look, and most importantly FEEL, re-energized and motivated to begin this journey with us.  

Love & Kitchari, 
Mara & Katie