What Makes REBOOT work?

Our proprietary supplements, spice blends, ghee, and Kitchari make REBOOT the ultimate anti-cleanse, delivering results without compromise.

Organic Rice & Dal

These two form a complete protein that’s as nourishing to the body as animal protein.

Dal is highly digestible, high in protein and fiber. It bulldozes the toxins right out of you.

They form a taste and consistency that’s pure comfort food. It's also 100% organic.

Spice Blends

Made from 100% organic ingredients, our spice packets make your Kitchari explode with flavor while expelling toxicity & inflammation, and nourishing the body.

Break Your Fast Blend:
Cinnamon, Salt, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Ground Cloves, Nutmeg

Winter Linner Blend:
Black Cumin Seeds, Coriander, Turmeric, Cumin Seed, Ginger, Black Pepper, Salt, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Asafetida

Liquid Gold Ghee

Tastes amazing & powers up your insides. It's also 100% grass-fed and organic.

It enhances all tissues, strengthens digestion, and metabolism. It promotes liver and intestinal health, nourishes your mind and brain, nervous and reproductive systems.

It’s one of the most nutritious and rejuvenating foods on the planet.

LYTEning Drops

Most water lacks the electrolytes, minerals, and trace minerals the body needs to process hydration, leaving you water-bloated instead.

LYTEning Drops are tasteless and contain the exact ratio of minerals and electrolytes the body needs for optimal functioning, including digestion, elimination, mood, energy, sleep, and detoxification.

Seasonal Teas

Winter REBOOT features LuminosiTEA, a 100% organic, magical elixir for your body.

Drink it all day or whenever you want to boost your gut health, digestion and detox.  Its gentle diuretic nature flushes toxins and helps you glow from the inside out. Always add LYTEning Drops to your teas for optimal hydration.

The tea blend changes seasonally to reflect the body's needs.


Winter REBOOT features 100% organic supplements: Keep It Movin' and Total Liver Care.

It supports the GI tract by enhancing digestion, metabolism, and absorption. It aids in maintaining regular and effortless bowel movements.

Its positive effects extend to hyperacidity, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, Leaky Gut, and overall gut inflammation.

T.L.C. cleanses and nourishes the blood, liver, and kidneys for a holistic detox. Benefits include reducing cholesterol and toxicity in the blood, nourishing the adrenals and nerves, and promoting restful sleep.

Produced in a GMP compliant facility.



Everything you need to know about REBOOT, in one place.

Still curious? Contact us reboot@thegutcenter.com, we love talking digestion!

I’ve done Cleanses before and they suck. How is REBOOT different?

REBOOT is the anti-cleanse. Cleanses typically mean starvation, deficiency, deprivation, and hanger. Not on REBOOT. REBOOT is about clearing the traffic jam in your gut by igniting strong digestion using food as medicine. (helllooo Kitchari!) 

On REBOOT, you’re enjoying as much Kitchari as you want and feeling the benefits of warm, comforting, and nourishing food on your gut. The spices found in each seasonal Kitchari mixture ignite your metabolism and power up your digestion and detox comfortably and efficiently. 

What Am I Eating?

Enjoy Kitchari 3x/day - eat as much as you want, just stop when full.

It's a porridge made with rice, split moong beans, ghee, and spices.

You'll have two recipes: Breakfast and Lunch + Dinner. During the last two days, add green, non-cruciferous veggies.

You'll sip on LuminosiTEA between meals, a blend of digestive and detox herbs with warm water. Add LYTEning Drops for hydration.

No coffee?!

Yup, but before you freak out, hear us out. We teach you why and how to wean off caffeine.

Coffee on an empty stomach acidifies your body, strips the lining of your liver, and weakens your absorption abilities. That’s why so many coffee on-an-empty-stomach drinkers have lackluster skin, weak/brittle nails, and hair fall. Their nutrient absorption is suffering.

By using LYTEning Drops and LuminosiTEA a few days before REBOOT, we help you wean off caffeine easily and successfully so you can begin digesting, metabolizing, and absorbing better than ever.

You’re really going to enjoy all your newfound caffeine-free energy too. In fact, hundreds of REBOOTers have surprised themselves by not going back to coffee or severely limiting their return. You’ll see.

Is REBOOT Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, and/or Kosher?

Everything is 100% organic and gluten free.

Kitchari is vegetarian. To make it vegan, you can substitute coconut oil for the ghee.

We are awaiting our Kosher certification.

What if I'm lactose intolerant?

Not to worry, ghee is 100% lactose and casein-free. There is no other dairy in REBOOT.

What if I have an important event during my REBOOT

We teach you how to manage this successfully! 400 REBOOTers cleansed with us last year and no one had to miss an important dinner or work trip because of it.

Don’t worry, we got you!

I hydrate a lot. Why do I need to add LYTEning Drops?

A ton of bottled water is like white bread: totally lacking in nutritional value! Tap water isn't that great either, full of nasty chemicals. To really quench our thirst, our bodies need some electrolytes, minerals, and trace minerals. Otherwise, our kidneys just rinse out all the water we chug without absorbing any of it, leaving us totally parched.

We teach you why and how to properly hydrate.

How often should I REBOOT?

At a minimum every Fall and Spring, which is when the body is most wanting and receptive to cleansing out toxins and stagnant waste.

In traditional Ayurveda, cleanses are a practice people do 2-4 times a year to transition the body from one season to the next. You make changes to your house and garden when the seasons shift, but we often forget about our body going through seasonal changes and the support it needs at different times.

Why do you talk so much about poop?

REBOOT is the ultimate detox and constipation is the antithesis of detox. Therefore, it’s our job to make sure you’re going easily and regularly. (No hard, pebbly stool here!) While detoxing, the body is very diligent about removing toxins from your organs and tissues. Ample hydration and fiber escorts these toxins out and into your stool to be eliminated. When you’re constipated or having irregular bowel movements, however, these toxins just sit in you, reabsorbing back into your bloodstream. Not on our watch! You gotta move it out. 

Included in every REBOOT box are multiple tools to safeguard AGAINST constipation. This includes: Keep It Movin’, our 100% organic Ayurvedic herbal blend that encourages a healthy flow and absorption of nutrients and prevents stool from stagnating in the gut. Our proprietary herbal blend combats two root causes of weak digestion: intestinal dryness & sluggish peristalsis (the movement that brings nutrients and stool through your GI tract). In other words, Keep it Movin’ moistens & strengthens the gut in a way that’s critical for strong digestion and constipation prevention. 

Will Kitchari cause me to gain weight?

Kitchari is a complete protein, meaning it’s as nourishing for the body as animal protein. It’s also very energy dense, meaning it’s sky high in protein, fiber, and good fat and a little goes a long way. We teach you how to eat mindfully, which means until you’re no longer hungry, to build body awareness. This also helps your body quickly find its detoxing equilibrium so you feel better faster. 

We’re mindful that many people enjoy the 3-15 lb typical weight loss during REBOOT. We suggest a recipe ratio of moong dal to rice that encourages the body to lose whatever weight it’s ready to shed. (You’re welcome to add less rice if you’re concerned about gaining weight.)

Why is REBOOT Seasonal?

Ayurveda guides us in how to balance the body each season. The environment naturally imbalances us every season, which means our nutrition must also change seasonally to reflect these demands. (That’s why the Kitchari spice packets change seasonally!) 

When we don’t care for our body seasonally, toxins creep in and build up. The longer we ignore this accumulation, the more health symptoms we exhibit. Too many toxins can disturb digestion, metabolism, and absorption, and become the root cause of disease. 

Kitchari cleansing is a preventative tool, not just a physical detox. It is a fortification against disease and a way to restore equilibrium, improve immunity, ignite vitality, alleviate chronic ailments, and promote longevity.

Ready to do this?!